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In/Sn/Cd foil >99.99% pure, 0.001 (1 mil) thin, very workable. Comes wide. For use in mounting vanadate and other laser crystals. $2.50/linear inch, limit 10 inches per person/shipping address.


Low temp solder, Indalloy #8, 0.030 inch diameter. 44% In, 42% Sn, 14% Cd. Melting point = 93 C For low temperature soldering of thermophobic materials such as laser diodes. sold, 1 foot limit per person/shipping address. Appropriate flux included.



Payment for these above items is by PayPal only. Please include quantity and shipping address in message box. Payment by check ok if combining with another order from SRO. Please include $2 for packing and shipping within USA or US territories with US zip code.  If you are only getting indium foil, shipping is $1. Outside of USA shipping/handling is $5. For PayPal information visit:

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Special Close-out Discounts:

100 mm diameter gold mirror x 19 mm thick, Melles Griot part numer 02 MPG 017/078. Low-Expanion LEBG substrate. Unused, new from old stock. Protected overcoat. While they last $200. Specs


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