Air Spaced Achromats

Lens sizes available from 2" diameter to 5" diameter but going quick.

Dia.   FL (mm)    Price      Comments
2"        531          $95       nice f/10 air-spaced doublet in cell, AR coated
4"        321.4       sold     very sharp lens in cell, made by Optics For Research (OFR), LLA-100-321 AR coated
4"        400          sold     diffraction limited lens in cell, made by Optics For Research (OFR) LLA-100-400 AR
4"        500          sold      CVI Laser LAP-500-100 w/ AR, in hardwood box
4"        800          sold      f/8 Jaegers, air spaced, very sharp, looks un-used
6"        762          sold      air spaced, AR,
6"        5000        sold      nice lens, air spaced, lens cell

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Last Updated on 12/20/07